About Us

Our Vision 

To support the “n”G (where n>=5) and SATCOM industries with next-Gen wireless technologies to make this multi-verse a better place to live.

Our Story

SoC Microwave develops breakthrough solutions for industries like 5G, Fixed Wireless Access, SATCOM, IOT, Wigig, Wireless Power Transfer, CATV, MIPI, etc. We have expertise in monolithic technologies like GaAs, GaN, SiGe BiCMOS, Silicon CMOS, other HBT processes as well as hybrid technologies like IPD/LTCC/Thick/Thin film/PCB.

We leverage our experience in building RF amplifiers, IQ Mixers, Vector Modulators, Microwave Passives, Switches, Antennas with unprecedented performance metrics to build complex integrated systems for 5G as well as mission critical systems.